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10th November 2019 Introducing Occupational Therapy

I love the film Bohemian Rhapsody, so having watched it again the other night it got me thinking about Teamwork. 
Meet Clare Johnson, she’s an Occupational Therapist (OT). For those of you reading this that have been in hospital, you may remember an OT as the person who helped get you home by checking you have all the right equipment in place. They do so much more than bath boards, rails and ramps! Clare is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, advises on mood, sleep, memory and thinking skills. Then there is hand dexterity, seating….the list of how an OT can help is long. Basically, if you’ve got a health problem and you need help in day-to-day life, an OT will look at what steps can be taken to make it easier. They are big fans of equipment (like me), if there’s some tech out there to solve a problem, they’ll know!
You can book a private consultation with Clare by emailing

3rd November 2019 Therapy for voice and swallowing problems: EMST

There are many different tools and techniques speech therapists can use to help voice and swallowing problems. Expiratory Muscle Strength training (EMST) has had a growing body of research evidence that shows it can reduce food and drink entering the lungs (the term we typically use is ‘aspiration’), improve voice quality and enhance the strength of coughing. The strength of cough is important so you can more effectively eject material that has ‘gone down the wrong way’. The protocol is simple and straightforward. There are contraindications though, so people with heart problems, asthma, reflux disease we would want to look at other types of therapy.

Dr Christine Sapienza has contributed a wealth of research in this area, so check out EMST research and contact me if you would like more information. We’re using this technique in clinic with people with Parkinson’s and seeing how it might also benefit people with Atypical Parkinson’s. It’s not just for people with Parkinson’s though. The EMST150 website has lots of information explaining the benefits of respiratory therapy for singers, vocalists and people wanting to improve their breath support to increases their stamina.

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