Welcome to MaiSpeech Therapy.
An independent Speech and Language Therapy service for adults with speech, language and swallowing difficulties.

We are passionate about therapy and offer a range of services including:

  • Dysphasia treatment (a difficulty understanding language, finding words and or putting ideas into words and sentences)
  • Dysarthria and dyspraxia therapy (slurring of speech or difficulties executing the movements required to speak)
  • Voice projection therapy
  • Speech advice for misarticulation or reduced confidence due to speech difficulties
  • Dysfluency therapy (rate modification, breathing exercises and block modification for people that experience stuttering or stammering).

Plus, we absolutely love technology! We can explore with you which sources of technology might be able to assist in therapy.  

Speech therapists go by many different names – the SALT lady, dysphagia therapist or swallowing therapist. People with a range of difficulties can ‘aspirate’ (food or drink entering the lungs) which can lead to chest infections or in the most serious cases an aspiration pneumonia. There are many strategies we can use to help, from changing the texture of food and fluid to therapy exercises. We need people to know what the warning signs of eating and drinking difficulties are. If you notice any of the following, please get in touch with your local speech therapy team. If you don’t know how to find them, send me an email and we’ll work it out together. 

The warning signs of aspiration:
* coughing during or immediately after eating and drinking
* throat clearing straight after eating and drinking
* a gurgle or wet sounding voice after drinking
* choking
* food sticking in the throat

Picture courtesy of RCSLT

Client reviews
“What we love about Caroline is her ‘down to earth’, friendly and fun approach. She is approachable, flexible and always positive. Caroline provides excellent value for money, always giving the maximum time for consultation and willingly tries different strategies, never giving up on her client”. Mr & Mrs B

“Caroline has been working with David who has severe aphasia for over 2 years now and has taken him from virtually no speech to being able to make himself understood and now speaking short sentences. She is incredibly patient and creative in her approach to helping regain his speech. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to other people.” Ms T on behalf of Mr & Mrs T

Caroline has been wonderful with my father and us as a family. My Dad had a stroke 4.5 years ago and was left without speech or swallow. She has been patient, kind and considerate of his needs. Often my Dad maybe unwell or too tired for the session however Caroline makes booking and rescheduling appointments simple which is a great relief for us. Caroline has done some fantastic work with Dad over the last few years, she has helped him build his swallow back up so he can now eat and drink whatever he desires. She has managed to get him saying words and short phrases too. She has helped build his confidence up to enable him to have a go at words even if they are complicated. We are truly grateful for all the hard work and efforts she has put it in. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who struggles with their speech and/or swallow. Mrs G

MaiSpeech Therapy

MaiSpeech Therapy offers assessment, information and therapy packages primarily to adults or children over the age of 13. Having worked in Derby since qualifying in 2001, the main areas of expertise include voice therapy, rate modification and assisting people with language and speech problems following a stroke or other neurological condition, for example, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

MaiSpeech Therapy can assist people with speech difficulties that may be having an impact on school, work or relationships. Communication is vitally important to allow us to express our thoughts, give information or ask questions. You may need specific help or more general advice. MaiSpeech therapy will work with you to achieve your goals.

Watch this video for hints and tips on how to help someone who has aphasia:

Coronavirus update 7th June 2020
These are worrying times, communication via the phone is an essential way to stay connected to people and we’re working hard to ensure people with swallowing problems have access to the support they need.  We are considering how clinics can re-offer a service  and encourage you to contact us if you have any speech or swallowing concerns. The latest UK government advice can be hard to locate, on the 5th June 2020 the guidance for people shielding was adjusted. You can access the latest UK advice by clicking here: Guidance on shielding and protecting extremely vulnerable persons. If you are wondering if you are in the shielding category the Shielding patient list has also been updated. There is much clearer guidance to people with Parkinson’s and other long term conditions now, recommending they should be shielding.  The BBC have also written a practical guide on how to socially distance with the current guidance, this includes who you invite and how you need to assess what their Covid risk is. Social distancing: a practical guide.  


MaiSpeech therapy can offer telephone advice or video consultations. Face to face appointments are not available at the moment. If you would like to try a video appointment, Parkinson’s UK have put together a helpful guide Getting the most from your video appointment

It may be hard explaining what is happening to people with understanding difficulties. Tactus Therapy have issued a really useful leaflet, which you can access here: Covid-19 information sheet for aphasia


Frequently asked questions

How much does Speech therapy cost?
The initial assessment has a set fee, however therapy varies depending on the length of the session required and distance travelled to your home. Please contact for a price list.

How quickly can you see me?
We pride ourselves on flexibility and should your needs be urgent will see you as soon as possible.

Can you see people in hospital?
We can arrange to see people in their own homes or in a private clinic. We can liaise with the hospital therapists but we are not able to go onto an NHS site without the permission of the Hospital Trust.  We are committed to working alongside NHS colleagues to achieve the best outcome for you.


MaiSpeech Therapy is an independent adult speech therapy service offering appointments within a clinic setting in Beeston, Stapleford or Nottinghamshire. Home visits can also be arranged within a 15 mile radius of junction 25 on the M1.

MaiSpeech Therapy offers a range of packages, which are priced by the quarter hour. Therefore, if you need speech therapy, an individual assessment can be arranged to assess your circumstances and tailor a package to you. We can arrange a free telephone consultation. Then the initial assessment session can be booked typically lasting around 60 minutes. Therapy sessions range from 30-60 minutes. 

We understand talking on the phone can be daunting, so feel free to email your query to c.bartliff@yahoo.com or read about speech, communication and swallowing topics on  the Facebook page Caroline Bartliff. Alternatively please leave us a voicemail on 07811 176586 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Your therapy needs are our priority.